24 x 600ml
Bottles of Spring Water


  • 600ml bottle
  • Ideal for both the home and office.
  • Box of 24 x 600ml bottles for $12 delivered.


Drinking pure water is essential for life.  More than 70% of the human body is made of water.  It becomes necessary to replenish the supply of water to keep the human body healthy otherwise the body may become dehydrated.

Here is why you should keep yourself hydrated:

  • Drinking water helps in maintaining the balance of body fluids
  • Water can help in controlling calories
  • Water helps in energizing muscles
  • Water helps in keeping skin looking good
  • Water washes your kidneys
  • Water helps in maintaining normal bowel function

We at Diamond Spring Water are based in Sydney and provide the purest Australian water, extracted by our state-of-the-art facilities from 300 feet below the Kulnura Hills. This water naturally boasts the essential vitamins and minerals that are required for normal functioning of the human body.

Highest Quality Standards

Over the past 23 years, we have perfected our quality standards and customer services to give you the very best for your needs. We do not believe in storing fresh water, this is why our dedicated plant in NSW fills up water bottles on a daily basis so you get every bit of freshness.

We deliver 11 and 15 litre bottles straight to your home or office for your utmost convenience.

Our water is rich in vitamins and minerals, and the good thing is – we don’t add any of them.

To go along with our finest spring water, we also rent out dispensers for the home and office at very attractive rates.

Customer Satisfaction is our number 1 priority. Our team members are reliable and trustworthy, and they go out of the way to make sure you get what you deserve: the very best water products for your home and office.

Wait no more, call us now on 02 9643 9999.