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RUHENS filter set

The name of our popular drinking water dispenser with modern techniques and design. It guarantees the taste, purity, safety and high standard of quality.

Excellent economic convenient solution for the drinking water for business and homes.

Sediment filter

This sediment filter reduces sediment particles such as dirt and sand down to nominal micron in size from feed water and protects membrane and pre-carbon filter.

Pre carbon filter

This pre-carbon filter absorbs some of harmful Organic chemicals such as chlorine, bad taste and odor. The raw material of this filter is coconut based and acid-rinsed.


Nanofact filter

This NanoFact Filter removes water contaminants such as waterborne micro-organisms and bacteria, virus byCellulose Nano fiber.

Alkaline filter

This Alkaline filter absorbs some of harmful organic chemicals such as chlorine, bad taste and odor from feed water. This filter can reduce particles over 5.µm. This filter contains Mg fine particles and y this element, water passed this filter can be changed into mild alkaline water